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BSOTR Training for Clinicians

Therapy going around in circles? Clients agreeing with your suggestions, but not following through? The culprit is likely to be the paralyzing effect of trauma. Brief, Solution-Oriented Trauma Resolution© , BSOTR, is the safest way to extinguish trauma from the body’s memory, without the risk of re-traumatization. 

The ability to resolve trauma is a hard skill that no clinician can go without. It multiplies the effectiveness and shortens the duration of treatment.  The majority of our clients have been traumatized, and talk therapy does not touch trauma. BSOTR is an essential skill for getting clients un-stuck from the paralysis caused by any kind of trauma (including childhood abuse and neglect). 

Traumatized clients are unable to learn and practice new, healthy thinking and behavior, which manifests in lengthy, frustrating therapy that goes around in circles. BSOTR is a one-to-two session powerful intervention that extinguishes trauma on the somatic level, clearing the way for new cognitive and behavioral learning. Thus, resolving trauma is the foundation for establishing healthy self-parenting, and is thus a core component of Authenticity Therapy©.

In this skill-building workshop, you will learn an invaluable skill to erase the effects of trauma from the body’s memory (flashbacks, nightmares, repetition compulsion, startle reaction) in just a few sessions. This healing method opens the way for learning – and practicing – new coping mechanisms – and the world ceases to be a field of triggers. In this workshop, you will learn how to: 

  • Assess appropriately for trauma

  • Create a Resource State

  • Replace traumatic memories and body programming with a positive alternative.

BSOTR can be used with children, and it also can be incorporated into the process of couple’s therapy, where the process is stuck due to one or both partners’ history of trauma. 

What Clinicans Are Saying...

I learned everything I needed to know to begin using this treatment in just one day.  I've been using it three years now, and it is not only effective, but incredibly versatile.  I have utilized this technique blended with art therapy, internal family systems (IFS), and hypnotherapy.  

-Briana Benn-Mirandi, LPC, CLAT, ATR-BC

Begin Training Today!

BSOTR Training is currently offered in virtual format for $275.
This includes one year's access to: 
- Roughly 4 hours worth of training videos,
- All documentation and scripts, 
-2 hours of live virtual training and practice, to follow the initial videos
- Advertisement of your services on the website
- Ongoing invitations to subsequent live trainings at no additional cost
After a year, if you wish to continue access to the website, it is $25/year.

Certification levels:
- In Training: The clinician has made payment and begun studying the materials.
- Trained: The clinician has completed at least one 2-hour virtual training, following completion of the initial class.
- Certified: The clinician has practiced BSOTR with at least 5 individuals and has taken advantage of ongoing supervision by participating in subsequent virtual trainings.


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