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Rescue you

BSOTR (Brief Solution-Oriented Trauma Resolution) is a highly sophisticated skill to extinguish body memory of trauma. It works in one-to-two sessions to extinguish somatic symptoms of trauma (flashbacks, startle reaction, nightmares), that works on virtually any and all trauma.

In traditional talk therapy, trauma is resolved by desensitizing a person to the painful events of their past.  BSOTR is different in that there is no need to retell and relive traumatic events.  With only the most basic of details, your therapist will guide you to take control of your past, heal your younger Self, and empower your current- and future Selves.

What People Are Saying...

Young Woman's Portrait

When I think about that memory, I don't see myself in it anymore.  It's no longer happening to me.

Young Woman with Short Hair

I woke up the next morning, waiting for the pain to come.  It didn't.  I still remembered what I had learned the night before, but I was able to get out of bed and still function

B.B., Adult Client

This technique is effective and deeply healing, extraordinarily so.

C.V., Psychotherapist

B.G., Adult Client

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